Tips about online recruitment

In the past, in offline recruitment, the risks of human error, the feeling that we were using our intuition or the empirical conclusions were very high. These days recruiting methods are enjoying a digital transformation that can index hiring criteria more efficiently and return the most appropriate applications for your organization. Online recruitment sites The candidates you are looking for are already present on online recruitment sites or on specific publications in your industry. Using these sites helps you to have a much better communication, only to the right members, and thus reduces the costs of promoting recruitment. Social groups / networks The need to digitize the business environment has brought many specific developments in most social networks. LinkedIn is now a network where members try to communicate as much about themselves as possible about their business culture, as some personally did in the early days of Facebook. Facebook is often preferred for specific content groups, and some users do not communicate on their public profile at all, but are very active in their interest groups. Employment announcements can be posted on such groups, as they often bring together members of the industry. In addition, there is already a separate section on Facebook and Instagram for the page you manage to post a job ad, which can also be promoted. Analysis of online professional profiles of potential candidates These new options in the digital area bring many advantages, because you can study what an employee communicates before proposing an interview. You will notice what expertise he has, with what attitude he comes or how well he fits in with the culture of your organisation.The advantages of online recruitment are many,like the time and cost of the recruitment process Interviews conducted online, receiving applications by email or in a file already generated by the digital tool used, managing recruitment ads with just a few clicks: these things have many advantages for the time spent by members of your business in this process. The costs are thus low, and the investments in online advertising are much lower than the previous ones, in which the recruitment was done with offline tools, in classic style. Greater flexibility for candidates Candidates can easily apply, with just a few clicks, with the help of the LinkedIn or Facebook profile for your job. I can answer a few preliminary questions and after just a few moments be on your list of interview proposals. Also with just a few clicks they can already send their portfolio, and you have a clear database of staff, which you can use for future recruitment. Extended ad promotion If you feel that you have not yet found all the candidates, the extended promotion of the ad or its transfer to another form is done with just a few clicks. In addition, indexing by keywords of the specialists you are looking for will greatly help to avoid receiving inappropriate CVs or letters of intent from candidates who have no experience in your industry. Quick solution to the need for human resources The organization you manage certainly has enough processes that you need to deal with intensively. The need for human resources is one that must always be met as soon as possible in order to speed up the actual work processes, so online recruitment will always help you solve everything as efficiently as possible. Qualitative research The digital interface will bring more transparency and clarity to the candidates, because it will return suitable profiles and will be able to sort more easily, through preliminary steps the unsuitable candidates in terms of studies, years of experience or knowledge. Online recruitment in the future Openness to change is a great asset in the digital world, as the recruitment process will become more and more digitized as time goes on. That is why we recommend that you test these tools as soon as possible, in order to have an efficient process and to be aligned with the future changes, when things will evolve even more.