How to find the best candidates?

Both job seekers and recruiters use specific strategies. The first to stand out, the other to find the ideal employees.

The tricks used by each party are different, but they all work with the same tools: resume, cover letter, portfolio, job interview, approached differently, and what seems good to one party may be a disadvantage to the other.

Candidate’s initiative
Recruiting employees is often a very complicated procedure for the employer, which also involves significant costs.

Under these conditions, one of the objectives of those who select candidates for a job is to be able to quickly sort out the ones that best suit the needs of the job, according to the first impression they create.

The most commonly used tool for making this initial distinction is the selection for interviews of candidates who submit, on their own initiative, in addition to their CV and a letter of intent, even if they are not required in the job offer.

Recruiters are based on the initiative of the candidate and consider that those who do this are really very interested in that job and, consequently, are among the best potential future employees.

Most of the job descriptions that accompany recruitment announcements are extremely clear, concise, and say exactly what the employer wants from future employees.

On the other hand, employers know that those who are looking for a job will adapt their CV to the requirements of the job and will highlight the elements that qualify them, so they include traps in the job description.

Some of them could be, for example, an advantage of knowing a certain computer program or a language skill which, in fact, is not at all necessary for that job.

Sometimes, in the job description, field-specific jargon is used, even very specific vocabulary items with exactly the same purpose.

If the potential employee does not really have a thorough knowledge of what that job entails, he will not notice the inadvertence, while the employer will have a useful tool to make a better selection of CVs.

Personality test
Personality traits are essential, and one of the tasks of recruiters is to find the employees who best fit the role they would have and who will have the ability to fit into the team. Most of the time, the culture of the company is as important as the requirements of the job, and the leaders agree that the image that the company has is one of the reasons that attract candidates.

In order for the selection to reach these aspects as well, personality tests, sometimes disguised in the questions during the interview, have become a common practice.

An always active network
Recruiting new employees is a continuous action, the goal being to fill vacancies or new ones in a company as soon as possible and to keep costs as low as possible.

It is worth mentioning here that they sum up the losses caused by the lack of labor, the actual costs for recruitment, but also the subsequent ones necessary for the improvement and training of the chosen candidate.

In order to be able to find the right people quickly, the human resources departments of the companies are extremely attentive to the recommendations they receive, but also to the CVs they already have in the database.

The aim is for a vacancy to be filled as quickly as possible by the most suitable person, and for this, they often call on the company’s own staff who are asked to recommend potential employees suitable for a particular job.

Statistics show that the best employees come from these types of recommendations. Moreover, the candidates who are recommended are hired faster and remain active in that company for a long time.

Another solution used by companies to find top employees is to use the services of headhunters, which, although expensive, bring in highly qualified people.

The ideal candidate
Finding the ideal candidate is the task of the human resources department, which plays an extremely important role in any company. In order to do this, quickly and without great expense, the specialists of this department must, in turn, be perfectly informed about the job requirements and details about the activity in the company, in order to identify the most suitable candidates.

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